どこでもそらは 和歌山県熊野地方で農薬を使用せずお茶を栽培、販売しています。

栽培面積:1町歩  茶畑標高:500〜700m  品種:やぶきた

We at DOKODEMOSORA grow and sell agrochemical-free tea in the Kumano region in Wakayama, Japan. Long ago, “Tea” was discovered as herbal medicine. Before long, it had become something essential for people to lead enriched lives. In Kumano, Wakayama, near southernmost Honshu where native tea grows and is suitable for tea farming, DOKODEMOSORA has been continuing to grow tasty tea making use of all the gifts of nature.
Warm weather, fresh breeze between mountains, morning and night chils, powerful tropical sunshine from the southern country, moisture from rainfall.

“DOKODEMOSORA (endless sky)” means a world with no boundary.

We hope that the finest cup we deliver will create a moment of bliss in your daily journey.

FIELD: 9,900 square meters  ALTITUDE: 500~700 meters  CULTIVARS: Yabukita